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Sandbagged crater

Sandbagged crater

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Our craters have long been a favourite at our shows. Now they are not just 'show specials' but popular items available from our web-store.

This crater for wargamming terrain is designed for anti-tank and regular infantry and as a machine gun position. Whilst created by a bomb this shellhole has been turned into a defensive position and can accommodate 3 wargames figures on standard 25mm bases, for example a machine gunner, loader and 1 spotter. As an anti tank position it will accommodate 3 wargames figures on standard 25mm bases, for example a bazooka, loader and 1 protector/spotter.

The crater position is also suitable for 'near future' wargames scenarios as well as Warhammer 40k wargames terrain.

You can place your wargames infantry in this terrain crater for extra protection. other sizes of crater are available and there is a discounted set of the four types. See the combi-deals category


This wargames terrain crater model is approximately mm wide by 20mm high (average) by mm front to back, including base. The internal dimensions of the crater are 20mm deep and mm wide, and will provide sufficient cover for most 25mm to 28mm wargames figures.

This terrain model does not come complete with the figures shown in the photos. The crater may vary in detail and size from that shown in the photos.

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