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NEWS Substantial stone bridge packed with surface detail & texture, Frostguard models added, armoured bulldozer back in production, shanty huts, scrap yard...see news...  ....Read More.

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Urban Construct produce wargames terrain and modular 28mm scenery including buildings and fortifications at 25mm and 28mm scale for historical wargames or role playing games (rpg).  At Urban Construct we ensure that the resin cast terrain and 28mm scenery is highly detailed and that the scenery is fully accessible for wargaming. Our terrain pieces for trenches, anti-tank wall, buildings and sea walls are modular, which allows for your own variations, although we have incorporated some of these in our scenery COMB-DEALS as starter sets for your 25mm/28mm wargames. Some resin 28mm scenery models come complete with metal gun barrels, beams or 28mm troops.

History has shown that fighting in built up areas (FIBUA) is one of the most demanding operational scenarios. The complex 3 dimensional terrain and close quarter nature of the combat makes it extremely costly for the attackers, which is hopefully reflected in your wargame rules. Conversely a small group of well prepared and determined defenders can resist a much larger attacking force. Our terrain and modular scenery buildings bring the challanges of fighting in built up areas to your wargame.

Our wargame 25mm/ 28mm scenery buildings are modular, you can purchase just the walls, roofs, floors, stairs etc… whole buildings or whole terraces or city blocks, as they are designed to form a complete urban terrain, including internal built scenery. Whether you are looking to wargame the urban battles of WWII such as Ste Mere Eglise, Carentan, Caen, D-Day beaches, Cherbourg, Berlin, Arnhem, Stalingrad or are looking for 28mm urban terrain for your Victorian, gangster, Napoleonic, modern or near future squad or rpg skirmish games then we have something for you.

Many of these terrain models are also suitable for 1/48 scale model dioramas and O Guage railway scenery. The building facades would be particularly suited to railway scenery for O Guage. All of our wargames terrain models are supplied unpainted and some require assembly. A painting service is available: please contact us for pricing.

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